Not the same


See that face up there? It is the face of a pre baby Jenna when my biggest worry was what to cook for dinner. We all love what we can’t have and I guess even when I was going through the motions of my jobs I still loved them, both of them. Sure the PT early mornings were a bitch sometimes but its true the hardest part was getting out of bed and man did some of the teachers drive me crazy when they changed their minds on a prac I had to prep but the job was so interesting and different every day.

If I could go back and tell pre baby Jenna just enjoy the day a little more I would. The joys of a warm and leisurely coffee in the sun, the tv marathon without a baby to entertain and god those sleep ins. Yep they do try to warn you, like with it all but nope I didn’t really listen. Pfffft I got this baby raising stuff it will be fine.

No one told me I would be constantly thinking about the baby and I mean constantly. Sure I would love a conversation that doesn’t involve sleep, food or poo but alas maybe in another 18 years or so. 

So pre baby Jenna you will love your new job and the little human you are raising even though it is the hardest and I mean the hardest thing you have ever done and you will miss all the people of your two jobs ( did I mention how lonely it is?) and the coffee and quiet time. But when that baby goes to be and your just rattling around the house you will think whooaa im super glad she is asleep in bed but think gee it is very quiet almost too quiet.

My biggest worry is still what to cook for dinner but now it is make sure all three of us are fed and I still enjoy a coffee if the sun it just usually involves shoving soggy rice crackers back into Olivia’s hand and ignoring the fact the dog keeps trying to lick her face oh and those tv marathons now consist of one eposide post our over thought about dinner.