In The Middle Of The Night

Sleep! Anyone who has had a baby will always try to warn you about the lack of sleep, all the while you nod your head in agreement at the same time thinking to yourself meh it can’t be that bad I can cope with you no sleep just fine remember all those nights I stayed up with friends or binge watching that show on Netflix. Warning: you will be so bloody tired while feeding your baby for what feels like the hundredth time that night you will be plotting the death of your nearest and dearest.

I love my husband don’t get me wrong and we make a fantastic team but we have pretty clear roles in the household since we became a family. I deal with the majority of the baby related things he takes care of the income and paying the bills. I’m super lucky in that Graham will do his fair share of the household load. He can smash out some washing like there is no tomorrow or happily wash the dishes or cook a meal even after a long day at work. But those oh so long night times when a baby for whatever reason is unsettled and cranky no matter what tricks you pull out of your hat even the ones that worked yesterday) can wear you down.

Last night is a fine example of a mysterious case of porkchopitis which by the way is a legitimate condition and after taking Olivia to the doctor a few

A few weeks ago for what seemed like a serious problem considering the amount of tears my doctor told me she was just acting like a pork chop. By 1am and what seemed like the thousandth time I got up to a baby who was looking at me with those very awake looking blue eyes, I decided the car was my last option (other then leaving her on the doorstep of the local hospital or church). In the car we get with her magic little music machine running at full volume the heater set to toasty and off we go. What a lovely time to drive around the Clare Valley with it’s misty rain, kangaroos and a couple of people who had overindulged and were just leaving the local watering hole. The call of the 24 hour servo and chocolate was strong if I do say so myself but I did think about all the lovely comments on my video on Facebook that I had posted during the day and thought to myself NO, you do not need a chocolate bar it is not going to make the baby go to sleep any faster or better, and decided against it and kept driving.



A severe case of porkchopitis


We made it home with a quick transfer and pat on Mack dog’s head before I fell into bed and slept until just after 6 when the wail of the small creature woke both Graham and he said you go back to sleep I will get her…. the ending to the story I really wanted and needed thanks husband, they really are the magic words any mother wants to hear.

PS- If you are here for my amazing grammar, typing or think I have limitless time to proof read, please leave you seem to be in the wrong place






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